ASB Grünland Helmut Aurenz GmbH

Soil production & peat, plastic plant, Sales Office - Neustadt

Moorstraße 2
D-31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge

Europe’s largest potting soil plant: Neustadt/Lower Saxony

ASB Grünland in Neustadt, a quite superlative peat and potting soil plant: 2,224 acres (9 million m²) bogs for peat farming – our raw material resource for the future. The floorspace of our production and warehousing facilities measures 8.6 acres (35,000 m²). An exemplar of production logistics at work: Potting soil mixed, packaged and paletted - fully automatically. The outside storage area measures 7.4 acres (30,000 m²) in size; this is where pallets stand ready for transportation. 120 trucks are processed daily during peak periods.

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