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Meanwhile 9 production plants and 9 sales offices in 8 countries now belong to the ASB Group. The head office is located at Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg.
It features spacious offices for the international accounting, the sales management and the marketing management.

Zentrale Weilimdorf

Production sites


Europe’s largest potting soil plant: Neustadt/Lower Saxony

ASB Grünland in Neustadt, a quite superlative peat and potting soil plant: 2,224 acres (9 million m²) bogs for peat farming – our raw material resource for the future. The floorspace of our production and warehousing facilities measures 8.6 acres (35,000 m²). An exemplar of production logistics at work: Potting soil mixed, packaged and paletted - fully automatically. The outside storage area measures 7.4 acres (30,000 m²) in size; this is where pallets stand ready for transportation. 120 trucks are processed daily during peak periods.

Werk Neustadt


Potting soil and bark products from the Baltic Sea

The production facility in Bobitz near Wismar has a mobile, high-performance shredding unit that processes 5.0 to 7.0 million cu.ft. (150,000 to 200,000 m³) of bark annually. During seasonal peak periods, in excess of 40,000 packets of potting soil are produced daily for the German, the European mainland and, via the Baltic Sea, the Scandinavia markets (Total area 42 acres/170,000 m²).

Werk Bobitz


Potting soil and bark products from Rhineland-Palatinate

In January 2010 a new ASB production plant in Sembach close to Kaiserslautern went into service. Local raw material derived from greenery compost is blended with ASB peat, lime, fertilizer etc. Complete entire site: 9.4 acres (3.8 hectar), production hall and offices: 21,500 sq.ft. (2,000 m²) .

Werk Sembach


Fertiliser plant in Wietzendorf-Lührsbockel near Soltau/Lüneburg Heath

ASB Grünland has a reputation as a specialist in plant fertilisers for decades. Optimal plant growth requires not only good quality soil; it also requires balanced plant-specific nutrition. ASB Grünland is the right partner here too: the right solution to any requirement – be it pellets, liquid or fert iliser sticks. As with potting soil, fertiliser manufacturing is based on best productivity and everything will be produced hand in hand.

Düngerwerk Soltau


Successful expansion eastwards: Soil plant in Zár, Czech Republic

ASB’s soil plant in Zár, located near to Budweis on the edge of the Bohemian Forest, is where we produce potting soil for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Humus from coniferous wood bark is used as the basis for substrates. The best possible quality is, as at all sites, one of the basic principles at ASB Grünland. The introduction and stringent application of a quality management system is part and parcel of it. TÜV South has inspected and certified the ASB Grünland soil plant in Zár for compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 - enhancing further our capability to offer customers consistently high quality products and services; aided by leading edge technology which is continually being upgraded by ASB technicians.

Erdenwerk Zar


Pioneering in the Baltic States/Estonia

Long-term safeguarding of raw materials for our European production sites - this was the initial position facing us for expansion eastwards. The small Baltic State of Estonia, with just 1,4 million inhabitants, is where ASB Greenworld found suitable premises for a production site. We also discovered an unprecedented level of hospitality. The most modern potting soil plant in the Baltic States was established near the Baltic Sea port of Pärnu. ASB Greenworld has been able to acquire large areas of peat bogs in this country rich in raw materials, covering supply requirements for decades. Big bales and soils are produced for export to Eastern and Western Europe – environmentally friendly supplied by ship.  

Erdenwerk Paernu

Pointe Sapin

Expansion over the pond – New Brunswick, Canada

The American continent has been home to ASB Greenworld since 1978. One of the largest peat and potting soil plants in Canada was established in Pointe Sapin, in the province of New Brunswick. The peat bogs are gigantic: 10 million square meters, o ur largest reserves of raw material for potting soil, bail peat and high grade horticultural substrates. At the soil plant,ASB Greenworld produces 141,233 cu.ft. (4,000 m²) of potting soil for the North American markets.

Pointe Sapin

Mt. Elgin

In close proximity to our customers – on Highway 401 in Ontario

North America, between Detroit and Toronto: Located not far from the highly-populated areas, ASB Greenworld has constructed a soil plant to supply the Canadian and North American markets. Large customers who require deliveries at set times – 24 hours a day. Smooth production and supply of raw materials are a guarantee for this. Many customers on the American continent place their trust in the reliability of ASB Greenworld.

Werk Mt. Elgin
Standorte weltweit

Decentralized production

Germany and Europe

  • Neustadt (Lower Saxony)
  • Bobitz (Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania)
  • Sembach (Rhineland- Palatinate)
  • Soltau (Lüneburg Heath)
  • Zár (near Budweis, Czech Republic)
  • Pärnu (Estonia)

North America

  • Pte. Sapin (NB, Canada)
  • Mt. Elgin (ON, Canada)

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