ASB Greenworld has specialized for decades in "know-how" development of packaging for our products as well as the products of own-brand customers. We offer everything from a single source which is why we can always guarantee the highest flexibility and a comprehensive service possible.

Plastic film production - in Neustadt


A 6-colored flexo-print machine with a new ventilator


Electronically controlled multi-layered extruder. (Coex-Folie)


The ASB plastic plant facility is based in Neustadt and produces print packaging films of all European plants/production facilities. Using a multi-layered extruder and a 6-color flexographic printing press, this establishment focuses in packaging material that can be packed in polyethylene film. Using the delivered plastic granules, we produce our own films for printing. The 3-layered co-extruded film makes the use of less plastic is still possible as well as simultaneously remaining tear-resistant. 

New generation of liquid fertilizer bottles

ASB Greenworld is dedicated to environmental awareness and preservation. In addition to- organic range, the company demonstrates these values with their new bottle design for liquid fertilizer. One can not see the eco-friendly interiors of these products with the naked eye. They are made with thinner walls therefore using less material per bottle without losing pressure resistance or stack-ability. The secret: Longitudinal bracing along with inner functional ground (see RPC on the right-hand side of this page) produce bottles with better stability and still using less plastic material.

Other products: liquid fertilizer labels from PEFC-certified paper, cardboard for packing materials regulary FSC-certified (FSC / PEFC = papers from controlled forest management). Blister Cards for fertilizer sticks consisting of at least 85% recycled material.  Using as little packaging as possible - and only what is necessary! 

Flüssigdüngerflasche Boden
Flüssigdüngerflasche Längsverstrebung

New packaging for established products

RPC has developed new a new line of bottles using specialized bottoms for ASB Greenworld Helmut Aurenz GmbH.

 The bottles, produced by RPC Kutenholz, are available in sizes 250, 500 and 1000 ml and are equipped with a modern grip. 

 The strips on the bottle allow the consumer to know the exact level of dosage and also enable one to be in control of the amount within.

A special feature of the new range of ASB Greenworld is developed by RPC Kutenholz functional ground. The bottle holds an internal pressure of about 0.7 bar and makes the special gas cap superfluous.

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