Raw Materials

Our products are based on high quality raw materials. ASB Greenworld exclusively uses the best base materials in addition to other selected and proven additives. Thanks to continuous research and development, ASB is always improving its products.

Base Materials

Peat Moss

Free of harmful substances and diseases  

High water and air capacity. Free of pollutants and diseases. Is very low in nutrients and low pH levels therefore causing the level of nutrients and pH to adapt to the needs of the plants.


Bark Humus/Mulch

A highly organic substance

Bark humus is from composted softwood bark and is made up of organic matter as well as highly air pored volume. It also has very good buffering and adjustment methods for pH shifts.


Green waste compost

Activates the soil life

Making it highly biologically active, the high proportion of inorganic substance promotes a healthy soil life. 100% of green waste as a natural source of nutrients improves the physical properties.



It is used to achieve and adjust to the pH in order to reach it's optimal level. Carbonated and acidic limes raise the pH to gently improve the crumb structure and stimulate soil life.


N + P + K - starter fertilizer

Basic fertilization

Ready to be fertilized with basic nutrients: Nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). This substance ensures proper growth of your plants. Depending on the plant and growth pattern, one should begin to regularly fertilize a few weeks after initial planting.

N+P+K Startdünger


Coconut Fibers

Coconut ingredients cause an increase in air capacity for substrate mixtures while ensuring an adequate water capacity. Because of the rewettability the products reach a high quality. The material is also quite light.


Clay Minerals

Nutrients and water storage.

Layered, clay minerals store nutrients between the levels and release nutrients back to the plant when it is needed.  This clay acts as a storage of nutrients and provides it a consistent supply for the plant. Clay has strong buffering methods against shifts in pH.



Universal storage

The white grains of mineral lava rocks improve the structure and allow air and water balance into the roots of plants due to their porous structure.a



Loose wood fiber enlarges the air pore volume and therefore improves the water flow in the substrate.


Quartz Sand

Provides ideal drainage

This substance is an important component of cactus soil, earth and herbal seed compost. Dry soil has the ability to absorb water quickly because of its stable structure and drainage.


Pine Bark


Pine bark/Mulch is not only useful for decorative purposes. Mixed with soil, they make the substance breathable and keep the structure intact for a long time. For example, this substance is ideal for orchids with roots that provide the bark support.



Providing water storage

Lava particles provide structural stability and are also ideal for water storage.


Slow-release Fertilizer


This substance provides additional fertilization for plants with higher nutrient requirements such as at balcony plants. Fertilizer nutrients are gradually released over time.


Bark/Mulch Deco-Chips


Natural, untreated bark from local conifer. 

Feine Absiebung 0 - 20 mm

Fine gradation 0 — 20 mm

Rinde von Kiefern, Körnung 10 — 20 mm

Gradation 10 — 20 mm


Pine Bark

Untreated, decorative bark/mulch.

Körnung FEIN 7 — 15 mm

Calibre fine 7 — 15 mm

Körnung MITTEL 15 — 25 mm

Calibre medium 15 — 25 mm

Körnung GROB 25 — 40 mm

Calibre coarse 25 — 40 mm



Bark-free wood chips






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