The assortment of ASB Greenworld includes potting soil, fertilizer, decor materials and barks, as well as auxiliary and care products. We offer the following product lines: ORGANIC-line, PREMIUM assortment and various STANDARD assortments.



Healthy plants by purely natural raw materials
All products of the ORGANIC line are free of chemical-synthetic ingredients.
They are suitable for organic farming according to EC Regulation 834/2007.

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High-quality products with growth-promoting additives.
Informative, eye-catching packaging.

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Other product ranges in the standard range

Proven core products in good quality for the price-conscious user
(ASB Greenworld, ASB Parkland, Farmland)


ASB Greenworld’s production plants in Europe and Canada use regional raw materials such as green compost, wood chips and mulch.
In recent years, ASB Greenworld has reduced its use of peat in
potting soil production by more than 50 percent!
All products of the BIO/Organic line are free of synthetic and chemical ingredients with the priority use of local raw materials.

All manufacturing facilities are using cutting edge technology
and the total energy consumption in the production process
was reduced by 30 percent.
The ASB logistics network is so well constructed it has now
reduced the CO2 emissions by up to 300 tons per year using
shorter transport routes.

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Sustainable management along with the overall distribution process and supply chain is important to us:
Packaging Materials > Raw Materials > Production > Logistics.
We take active responsibility for the development and preservation of our environment:

  • Manufacturing of natural products in continuing the biological cycle, returning natural materials back to the ecosystem.
  • Use of renewable raw materials for the conservation of the peat moss reserves is a matter of course.
  • Sustainable packaging materials through use of recycled materials and always minimizing packaging according to the rule: as little as possible, as much as necessary.
  • This includes the creative development and innovation of products such as organic fertilizers, reduced phosphate fertilizer, and various collaborations with universities or institutes.

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