Our new variety of products

ASB Greenworld offers a large selection of products including potting soils, fertilizers, decorative mulch and plant care products. We have special offers for the following product lines: BIO ORGANIC line, PREMIUM selection, QUALITY and STANDARD assortment as well as PROMOTION articles



Healthy plants using only pure and natural raw materials

  • All products of the ORGANIC line are free of synthetic chemical ingredients 
  • They are also suitable for organic farming in cooperation with EC Regulation 834/2007


Bio Soil Activator 35 L


  • Peat-free mixture
  • Enriched with organic fertilizer and root-activator mycorrhizae

The engaged recycling foil is made out of up to 80% post consumer plastic film.


Bio Liquid Rapid Composter 1 L

  • Activates immediately – works faster
  • Adds important nutrients
Bio-Bodenaktivator 35L

The new BIO/Organic fertilizer generation Bio Bag in Box 5 l

  • Organic fertilizer, made from local raw materials
  • Packaging with 50% less logistic volume, waste and carbon footprint


The PREMIUM selection


Premium Lawn Fleece

For new lawn areas and the renewal of damaged lawns.

  • for 1m² (25 cm x 4 m)
  • Sheep’s wool fleece with fast germing lawn seeds
  • Organic slow release fertilizer from sheep’s wool
Neuheit: Orchideen
Neuheit: Pflanzgranulat Zimmer und Mediterran, Hdyrokultur Dünger
Neuheit: Orchideen Blattspray, Dünger, Düngestäbchen
  • New imagery and better legibility 
  • Sales promoting color coding system
  • New and improved low phosphate fertilizer 
  • High quality products along with growth-promoting additives
  • Informative and eye-catching packaging


Other Product offers from the Standard Branch

Core products proven to provide excellent quality for even the most price-conscious customer.  (ASB Grünland, ASB Parkland, Farmland, PRAKTIK)

Anniversary Edition

Nostalgia packages from the time the company was founded

Special potting soil 10L + 6L free of charge

Special potting soil 10L + 6L free of charge

  • Million times proven mix with reduced peat
  • Enriched with organic slow release fertilizer
Iniversal liquid fertilizer

Iniversal liquid fertilizer

  • Million times proven NPK-formula  7 - 3 - 6
  • With all important main nutrients
Universal fertilizer sticks

Universal fertilizer sticks

  • Million times proven NPK-formula 10 - 5 - 7 with slow release effect

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