About all product groups thus are raw material quality and care in all phases of manufacturing our highest demand. From the quality levels independently, ASB Greenworld uses the optimum materials and value-lifting additives, completely tailored to the needs of the plants. This applies of course to our BIO potting soil without peat!

Quality Management

  • Permanent batch analyzes each plant
  • We conduct regular testing at independent institutes (University for Horticulture Stuttgart-Hohenheim)
  • Certified raw materials, eg according to RAL, RHP or PEFC
  • ISO certification of selected ASB Greenworld plants
Siegel Geprüfte Qualität

ISO 9011:2015 certification of ASB Greenworld fertilizer plant

The introduction of this quality management system is an important step to further develop the constant quality of liquid fertilizer and fertilizer sticks and document the production processes.

Meanwhile, a computer-controlled mixing plant has been installed in parallel. In this way, we guarantee our customers products of consistently high quality.

ISO 9001 Zertifikat


  • Growth experiments at relevant universities, institutions, nurseries
  • Research projects with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Company internal innovation team with senior staff from QM/R&D, sales, technical and marketing
  • Developing their own recipes for liquid fertilizer or fertilizer sticks growth of our compared

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