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ASB is an established company built on many years of both market experience and expertise. Ranked among commercial brands in the B2B sector, we are a leading example of both professionalism and dedication to our product. Here at ASB Greenworld, we make it our priority to always exhibit these characteristics in everything we do from product development to sales distribution and delivery. These values are demonstrated in our decades of expertise in packaging development and high flexibility, thanks to our own plastic film and decentralized production. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Germany, the Czech Republic, Estonia and North America.

Ihre Marke Bio-Produkte
Ihre Marke

Decentralized Production

Our production facilities in Germany and Europe

  • Neustadt (Lower Saxony)
  • Bobitz (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)
  • Sembach (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Soltau (Fertilizer Plant)
  • Zar (near Budweis/Czech Republic)
  • Pärnu (Peat Moss, Professional substrates, Estonia)

Production plants North America

  • Pte. Sapin, NB/Canada
  • Mt. Elgin, ON/Canada
  • Mattaponi, VA/USA
  • Ferndale, NY/USA

Flexo-print machine, ASB Plastic Plant


Our specialized assortment

We offer a wide range of products: 

  • Flowers and special soils 
  • Bark/Mulch and decorative material
  • Liquid and granulated fertilizer
  • Fertilizer sticks
Potting Soil

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