ASB Greenworld Eesti OÜ

Soil production & peat, Sales Office - Pärnu

European base plant for raw material peat, professional substrates

Nurme Küla
EE-85004 Tori Vald, Pärnumaa

Pioneering in the Baltic States/Estonia

Long-term safeguarding of raw materials for our European production sites - this was the initial position facing us for expansion eastwards. The small Baltic State of Estonia, with just 1,4 million inhabitants, is where ASB Greenworld found suitable premises for a production site. We also discovered an unprecedented level of hospitality. The most modern potting soil plant in the Baltic States was established near the Baltic Sea port of Pärnu. ASB Greenworld has been able to acquire large areas of peat bogs in this country rich in raw materials, covering supply requirements for decades. Big bales and soils are produced for export to Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and North Africa.

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