80% primary resources saved! Sustainable packaging with environmental label Blue Angel

Jan 25th 2019

Lost resources

  • 800 containers per day leave Europe with collected packaging waste towards Asia (Source: Eurostat, 2016)
  • The recycling company SUEZ have recycled only 130,000 tonnes of 530,000 tonnes of plastic waste in 2015. 400,000 were burned or shipped (see above / Source Suez 2015)
  • Currently, 22.5% of plastics are recycled within the EU (source Interpack, 2018)

Packaging film made from post-consumer recycled plastics

  • It is only PCR - Post Consumer Recycling - if the reprocessed articles were in use by the end user.
  • The primary raw material for plastic films is homogeneous, extremely resilient and visually appealing.
  • PCR film has an uneven surface and shows a high inhomogeneity.
  • Riba-Verpackungen GmbH has developed together with ASB Greenworld a film that is comparable in mechanical properties in terms of resilience and reliability with a packaging made of 1A material. (ribapackaging.com)
  • The packaging consists of 80% post consumer recycled material. We only need 20% primary granules and use the "lost resources".
  • After checking the film and the printed image, this can even be certified with the Blue Angel.
Blauer Engel

CO² emissions

  • While producing a 40 L packaging film from PCR material, approximately 0.14 kg less CO² is emitted than using a 1A material
  • For example, 100,000 bags, that means 14,000 kg less CO2 emissions!
  • Comparison: Humans 0.5 g CO² per minute, per day about 0.72 kg. To save the same amount as making a 40L bag, the air would have tob e stopped for 300 minutes!

(Source: CO² calculator Dr. Ashby, Cambridge University, ISBN 976856176088)
Juergen Strohhaecker, Head of Marketing

Packaging film made from PCR plastics
Packaging film made from PCR plastics

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