Bag-in-Box – Organic liquid fertilizer perfectly packed!

Nov 30th 2018

An exceptional packaging solution for the industry underlines the sustainable approach of organic fertilizer from ASB Geenworld.

The bag-in-box packaging made of brown corrugated cardboard for 5 l liquid fertilizer signals at first glance that the contents are natural and good for the environment. Compared to the plastic bottles commonly used in the industry, the bag-in-box solution reduces the logistics volume as well as the CO2 footprint of the packaging by 50 percent.

Thanks to the bag-in-box: double the amount of goods on the pallet

For marketing manager Juergen Strohhaecker these reasons were decisive in the decision for the new packaging solution. "We looked for packaging for our organic fertilizer that is sustainable and at the same time offers added value for our customers and retailers. Thanks to the bag-in-box solution realized by the STI Group for us, we now get more than 40 percent more goods on the pallet - this increases the area productivity in the trade massively," rejoices Strohhaecker. "When the empty packaging is delivered to our fertilizer plant, the delivery volume is even reduced by more than 60 percent. The consumer also benefits from the handy format and the simple dosing function provided by the integrated tap. If the packaging is completely emptied, it can simply separate the individual components for recycling. This simplifies recycling and reduces waste volume."

Environmentally friendly packaging for liquids

STI Group CEO Andrea Wildies is also convinced of the concept: "One of the great strengths of the bag-inbox system is its excellent eco-balance. The packaging requires significantly less energy in production and recycling than plastic or glass bottles. "Flat delivery of packaging blanks at the bottler reduces transport and storage costs. The filled packaging has a pallet utilization rate of nearly 100 percent, whereas bottles only reach a value of 60-70 percent, depending on the shape.

About bag-in-box

Bag-in-Box is the ideal packaging for liquid products: a carton made of corrugated cardboard on the outside, a film tube on the inside. The film tube is filled under vacuum and therefore contracts without air suction when liquid is let out. Packaged airtight in this way, the filled products will last longer. High-quality printed and finished corrugated cardboard packaging ensures the necessary stability and advertising space. Thanks to the optimized use of space during transport, Bag-in-Box offers many advantages over other containers.

The bag-in-box packaging is the perfect alternative to the plastic bottle for ASB Geenworld and underlines the ecological origin of the content. The integrated tap ensures easy product removal.

Update from 16.06.17 after reordering of further bag-in-box versions in Nov. 2018
Claudia Rivinius, Marketing Director
Bag-in-Box liquid fertilizer

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