Jun 11th 2019

Recovery and utilization of nutrients for low-impact fertilizers

Nutrients for plants are usually made extra expensive for this purpose. An alternative, sustainable way is the safe recovery of nutrients from wastewater and subsequent
fertilizer. ASB Greenworld is working hand in hand with 14 partners from Spain, Belgium, the
Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Great Britain for the EU projects Run4Life. The special
feature are the four residential complexes, which will be used in this context, but also created:
32 units in Sneek, Netherlands - u.a. with vacuum toilets that already reduce water consumption to a minimum and save valuable resources.
3 units in Vigo, Spain - ammonium nitrate and struvite are already being recovered here.
120 units in Ghent, Belgium - planned to collect kitchen waste and wastewater separately in a
separate cycle and u.a. Produce phosphoric acid.
320 units in Helsingborg, Sweden - in addition to the use of waste for power generation, the
production of ammonium sulfate and struvite is a major building block to more sustainability.

Further information can be found at or you can contact us directly.

The Run4Life project receives funding from the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, GA no 730285.
Project duration: June 2017 – May 2021


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